All the comfort of your favorite food, but healthier!

pulledporkA pulled pork sandwich defines comfort food for many people. But food that’s comforting doesn’t have to mean lots of fat and very little nutritional value. You can enjoy your favorite meals at home if you use healthier and fresh ingredients.

Sarasota Memorial’s Windows Cafe recently served a version of pulled pork that keeps a balanced diet in mind. Mix lean pulled pork with barbecue sauce (look for sauces that are low in sodium and have no added refined sugars/high fructose corn syrup).

Top with julienned carrots and place on a low-carb flat bread. Add a few broiled potato wedges lightly brushed with EVOO and garden herbs. Finish with fresh cut tomato wedges and a little low-fat shredded cheese.

The fresh veggies are great additions to a meal that will satisfy those comfort food cravings!

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