Now On Deck – Pool Safety

As our weather warms up, swimming pools become popular places to cool off and have fun. Especially in Florida, many homes have pools and spas, but few are equipped with safety fencing and alarms. Nearly 400 children die each year in pool and spa drowning accidents, but we can help put an end to these tragedies by being ever-vigilant with our own pool and spa safety measures.

pool-safetyHere are some tips to help ensure you have a safe pool season:

  • Watch children closely when they are in or near a pool or spa. If a child goes missing on your watch, check the pool or spa first. It takes just seconds for a child to drown.
  •  Teach children basic water safety tips, as well as the rules of your own pool or spa.
  • Keep children away from pool drains, pipes and other openings to avoid entrapments – and tell them why these places are so potentially dangerous.
  • Keep a cell or portable land line close to you when watching children near the pool or spa
  • Restrict all wheeled toys – tricycles to scooters and skateboards, etc.  – from the poolside.
  • Keep toys away from the pool when the pool or spa is not in use.
  • Empty blow-up pools after each use.
  • Keep electrical appliances far away from the pool or spa.
  • Share these safety tips and rules with family, friends and neighbors – anyone who may come in contact with your pool or spa.

Anyone who lives in a home with a pool should know how to swim (even infants can take lessons, starting with fundamental floating and kicking). Homes with young children should install pool fences and/or alarms around the pool area and keep lanai and/or fence doors secured.

It is also recommended that adult pool owners know CPR for both children and adults and also have the following poolside emergency items on hand:  first aid kit and sharp scissors/knife, flotation device, and charged portable or cell phone.

Taking these precautions will help prepare you, your family and friends for an enjoyable and safe season at your pool.

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