Celebrate Nutrition Month – Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right!

PrintSarasota Memorial is proud to join the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to celebrate National Nutrition Month®   in March! This year’s theme is “Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right” and focuses on combining taste and nutrition to create healthy meals.

Here are a few ways to “Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right”!

• Explore New Foods and Flavors. Add more nutrition and eating pleasure by expanding your range of food choices. When shopping, make a point of selecting a fruit, vegetable or whole grain that’s new to you or your family. Choose a restaurant that features ethnic or local foods or find new flavors at community food festivals. Try different versions of familiar foods like blue potatoes, red quinoa, purple cauliflower, or whole wheat basmati rice.

Get the Most Nutrition Out of Your Calories. Fill at least ½ your plate with colorful veggies. Choose the most nutritionally-rich foods you can from each food group each day – those packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber and other nutrients. When available, purchase local produce that is fresh. Appreciate the natural wholesome flavors of the foods you select with limited added salt and oils.

• Get Cooking. Cooking at home can be healthy, rewarding and cost-effective. Make cooking fun and easy by learning some cooking and kitchen basics, like how add flavor to foods with herbs and spices. Try new recipes and incorporate the best of them into your favorite meals.

• Enact Family Meal Time. Research shows that family meals promote more healthful eating. Plan to eat as a family at least a few times each week. Set a regular mealtime with no distractions. Get kids involved in meal planning and cooking and use this time to talk about healthy foods. Visit www.KidsEatRight.org for healthy recipes and cooking tips for the whole family.

We’ll have more information about healthy eating throughout March! If you’d like information about Sarasota Memorial’s Nutrition Services, click here.

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