Does Baby have his Nights and Days mixed up?

shutterstock_144844180Often baby wants to sleep all day and play, cry, or feed all night long.  This can be painfully exhausting for the parents who usually are not accustomed to being awake all night. This confusion will not last forever and eventually baby will develop a more agreeable sleep pattern.

There is no quick fix or one size fits all, but to help baby get there sooner try these simple techniques during the first few weeks at home with your new baby.

  • Allow for Active Sleep – During the day allow baby to sleep in active areas, where light and noise are the norm. Don’t worry about talking, TV, or the telephone.
  • Consistent Contrast – At night keep interactions calm, quiet and dimly lit.
  • Maintain Focus – When baby does wake at night, keep these interactions to feeding, changing, burping and soothing. We don’t want baby to think this is play time.
  • Soften Spoken Approach – During the day use a normal tone of voice, but during the night a soft quiet voice, to signal to baby that this is the time to sleep.

Eventually, this child will get older and you, like I do, will revel in waking that teenager up… as they moan for just 5 more minutes, you will take just a little too much joy in turning the lights on!

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