Join us in thanking our amazing doctors!


Sarasota Memorial is celebrating Doctors’ Day on Thursday, 3/28.

We love our doctors – always finding more new ways to help patients. We’ve decided to follow their lead by thanking them in as many new ways as we have up our new scrub sleeves. We invite you to join in!

Please view our new ‘Thank You, Doctors” video, created straight from the hearts of some of Sarasota Memorial’s own patients, staff and supporters. Here’s how you can join in:

1. Go to our YouTube site here to view our ‘Thank You, Doctors’ video. Post a “like” or “share” it with friends and family.

2. Go to our Facebook page and share a special message about your physician.

3. Go to Twitter and tweet your message of appreciation.

4. Visit us on Pinterest and check out our “Our Docs Rock” board.


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