Walk for Babies Sponsored by March of Dimes


Event date – Saturday, April 27, 2013

Registration begins at 8AM

Location: JD Hamel Park (Corner of Main Street and US 41)

Walk starts at 9AM and continues 4 miles over the Ringling Bridge

Register online at www.marchforbabies.org

If you want to join our SMH team type in SMH Babe Magnet under Join a Team!


Shirley McMath

I moved to Bradenton/Sarasota area in April from Gainesville. I was the community service chairperson for my quilt guild there. Gainesville March of Dimes had a new program for premies. The mother of the premie was given 2 small flannel hearts. She kept them in her bra so they would pick up her scent. One was placed near her baby’s face in the isolette and she exchanged them (I don’t know how often). It seemed to calm the baby. When I left Gainesville we had made well over 3,000 of these hearts. Do you have a similar program in Sarasota? I am now trying to get a sewing group going at my church, Faith Presbyterian in Sarasota. Please let me know your needs. Thanks

Sarasota Memorial Health Care System

Hi Shirley,
Yes, we use scent cloths in NICU with nearly every baby! Years ago I learned at a developmental conference that babies are born with a special but temporary olfactory sense (smell) that helps them recognize their mother’s scent, and Mom’s skin smells like her amnionic fluid which the baby has been circulating for 9 months. I have been cutting polar fleece squares and we never have enough. The hearts you describes sound quite nice and we would love to be recipients! And yes – they really do work! My number is 941-917-2470.

Laura Stutzman


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