Oh Gassy Baby!

gassy_babyIt’s a common thing for parents to cheer and clap at every burp and toot baby offers. Getting baby to expel the gas that is the cause for so much discomfort is definitely something to celebrate. There are some things we can try to ease baby’s discomfort and only some are related to foods.

If you are breastfeeding, there are some common trigger foods that can cause gas in your baby such as dairy, and chocolate. Figuring out what, if any, are the cause can be tricky. Pay attention for any certain foods or drinks that are clearly the cause for distress, but remember, food isn’t the only cause of gas and discomfort in baby. Eliminating foods randomly and leaving mom with little in her own diet isn’t an answer.

If you are a formula feeding mom, try feeding baby a ready to feed or concentrate formula instead of a powdered formula, especially in the first few months. The shaking and mixing of powdered formula can cause more swallowed air and more gas for baby. Also slow the flow from the bottle, and clear the air with a vented, angles or collapsible bottle. Experimenting with different types of bottles and nipples is often the best approach.

Burp baby more often, during a feeding as well as after. Just be warned, baby may not like having his/her meal interrupted.

Help baby to expel… bicycling and pumping baby’s legs, and tummy time can help the gas find its way out.

Over the counter medications containing simethicone, like Little Tummy’s and Mylicon are thought to be safe to use but they are expensive and studies show they aren’t all that effective. As with all medication speak with your doctor.

The good news is this is temporary… Before you know it, you will be asking your child to excuse themselves and scolding them for the same indiscretions that bring cheers today!

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