Bye Bye binky – I Blamed Santa

Many parents choose to introduce the pacifier in the hopes of avoiding thumb sucking. Let’s face it, it is much easier to get rid of a pacifier than it is to get rid of a thumb!  When the time comes to get baby off the binky, there may be many tears, and not just from the child!

I had heard and read about many ways to end the binky habit, but the method that worked with all of my children, was blaming Santa Claus.

Beginning in October, all the stores, TV commercials, and mail order catalogs are flooded with holiday memorabilia. So I used this to help prepare my children for the big binky break up.

During the holiday season that our ‘baby’ was 2 year’s old, we would start having conversations about all the holidays. I told them, that since they were ‘big’ now, Santa Claus would come on Christmas Eve, give them presents and take their binkies to give to the babies that needed them. We would leave milk, cookies, reindeer food, and their binkies for Santa to take on Christmas eve.

We looked at catalogs, web sites, and watched commercials of the must have toys that played on a loop. They picked out the presents they wanted, we wrote a letter to Santa and dropped it into the mailbox. Of course, giving up the beloved pacifier was a big deal, but they were going to wake up to colorfully wrapped presents!

We made special mats for the milk and cookies and a special bowl for the reindeer food, and all the binkies were left on the mats. They went to sleep excited and in the morning, just as I had told them…. The milk and cookies were gone and so were the binkies! Under the tree were lots of presents and this was just the beginning of an exciting day. Come bed time, they all asked for the binky, testing me, and I calmly and matter of factly stated, ‘we don’t have any, Santa took them remember’? ‘No, we can’t buy more, you’re too old, only baby stores sell binkies’. Some sadness and a few tears, but nothing a mama hug and kiss couldn’t fix. This went on at bedtime for about 3 nights, then, it was over…. The binky habit was broken!

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