Honoring Our Veterans

Nov. 11 was Veterans Day, and Sarasota Memorial employees joined the rest of the nation in honoring those who served our country.

In 1954, Sarasota Municipal Hospital was renamed Sarasota Memorial Hospital as a tribute to veterans of World Wars I and II. Since memorial is in our name, it’s particularly appropriate to recognize our own military heroes.
Below is a list of SMH staff members who have served our nation. If we’ve missed anyone, please feel free to add the name, department and branch of service in the comments section. Our deepest gratitude goes to all of you for your service!

Sarasota Memorial veterans:
Melanie DeLuca, US Army (CT technologist); Denise A. Brouillette, US Army Medical Corps (Comprehensive Rehabilitation); Greg Hatfield, US Navy (Patient Registration); Donald J. Steele, US Marine Corps (Facilities); Wayne Matejka, US Navy (SMH Chaplain); Rich Kosmacki, US Air Force, Comprehensive Rehabilitation; Ed Cluchey, US Air Force retired (Emergency Care Center); Keith Robert, US Navy retired (Multi Skilled Technician, North Port Emergency Room); Stephen Crowley, U.S. Army (Information Systems Desktop Services); Dave Blankenship, U.S. Navy retired (Laboratory/Hematology); John Hoertz, MD, U.S. Navy; Kurt Okamoto, U.S Army (Clinical Information Systems); Karen Reynolds, US Air Force (DNP, CNS-BC, Advanced Practice Nurse, Education, Professional Development & Research); Mark Beard, US Air Force (BA-CLS, Clinical Systems); Leigh Tallas, US Air Force (RN, BSN, Peri-operative Services); Lorraine Butler, US Air Force (Director Peri-operative Services); David Berrios, US Navy, of Patient Financial Services, who with two of his brothers Jorge and Robert, are Vietnam veterans; Matthias Schwartz, US Air Force (6 East Tower); Zachary Benshoff, US Marine Corps (6 East Tower); Jeremy Coleda, US Air Force Security Forces (Anesthesia); Richard Hadley, US Marine Corps (Cape Surgery Center); Derrick L. Brown, US Marine Corps (Central Transport); William Burkholder, US Army (Comprehensive Rehabilitation); Bob Sebourn, US Army (Day Treatment Center); Lori Zimmerman, US Air Force (Emergency Care Center); Scott Snyder, US Air Force (Emergency Care Center); Ann Miller, US Army (Emergency Care Center); Valerie Newman, US Air Force (Employee Health); Theodore Manuel, US Army (Employee Health); Mark Deusch, US Navy Nuclear Submarine Fleet (Facilities); Gail Shaw, US Navy (Environmental Services); David Patterson, US Marine Corps (Cardiovascular Services); Dawn Shultz, US Army (Family Practice); Bill Arace, US Army (General Stores); William Parkyn, US Army National Guard (Call Center); Loretta Ehlers, US Air Force (Human Resources); Dave Davis, US Marine Corps (Hyperbarics); Ron Aucher, US Air Force (Integrated Case Management); Tom Struzinski, US Army (ICU); Daniel Rothbart, US Navy (Information Systems); Jeff Light, US Air Force (RN, Invasive Cardiology); Mark Robert, US Air Force (Invasive Cardiology); Manny Comacho, US Army (Invasive Cardiology); Juan DelasRosa, US Army (Invasive Cardiology); Brandon Senger, US Army (Invasive Cardiology); Dennis Alvaro, US Army (Invasive Cardiology); Michael Voshell, US Coast Guard (Invasive Cardiology); Carol Walsh, US Navy (Invasive Cardiology); Dennis Launderville, US Navy (Invasive Cardiology); Kevin MacNevin, US Army (Analytical Lab Services); John Moritz, MD, US Army; Constantine Marousis, MD, US Army Ranger; Kimberly Ori, Naval Reserves (North Port Emergency Care Center); Michael DeLuca, US Army Reserves (North Port Emergency Care Center); Ronnie L. Wilson, US Army (Facilities); Jim Ketchen, US Army (Facilities), Todd Hicks, US Army (Facilities); Daniel Gersbach, US Army (Facilities); David Klein, US Coast Guard (Facilities); Larry Rowe, US Army (Facilities); Jason Ehlers, US Army (Facilities); Eileen Del Giudice, Air National Guard (Orthopedics), Demetrius Swilley, US Army (Ortho/Surgical), Chris Albanese, US Navy (Post-Anesthesia Care Unit), Chevelle Sheppard, US Air Force (Patient Financial Services), Eddie Whitaker, US Marine Corps (6TA), Christopher Patrick, US Army (Phlebotomy), Kimberly Schroeder, Naval Reserves (Physical Therapy), Jerald Lapense, US Air Force (Pre-Operative Services), Rodney Sheasley, US Air Force (Public Safety), Bob Taylor, US Army (Public Safety), Hal Becker, US Marine Corps (Public Safety), Rich Miller, US Navy (Public Safety), Raymond Loftus, US Air Force (Radiology), George Cloud, US Air Force (Radiology), Aimee Rodden, US Air Force (Radiology), Joseph Wik, US Army (Radiology), Ronald Fouche’, US Navy (Radiology), Robert N. Brown, US Navy (Radiology), Rob Peers, US Navy – Active & Army Reserve (Radiology), Kenneth Priest, US Navy (Respiratory Care), Keith Soto, US Air Force Retired (Stores Clerk), Jospeh Guarascio, US Navy (Hospitality Services), Hector Ortiz, US Air Force (Hospitality Services), Philip Buckley, US Army (Property Management), Washington Hill, MD, US Army Medical Corps; John Conley, US Army (ICU), Daniel Christopher, US Army (Central Stores), Mary Parisi, US Marine Corps (Phase 2), Tom Knox, US Marine Corps (Food Services), George Langford, US Air Force National Guard (Post-Anesthesia Care Unit), Attila Domokos, US Army (5 East Tower), Randy Miller, US Navy (Neuro/Uro), Eusebio (Chevy) Hernandez, US Navy (Float Team), Daniel Douglas, US Army (Radiology), Melanie Curran, US Air Force (6 East Tower B), Debra Love, US Army (Operating Room), Matthew Thompson, US Army (Float Team) and Barry Chevalier, US Marine Corps (Facilities).

Many thanks to Annette Gargano of Sarasota Memorial’s Float Team, who compiled this list. A U.S. Army veteran, Annette is pictured here getting ready for a full pack march back during her years of service! She has made it her mission to remember and honor our veterans on this special day!

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