Up, Up and Away!

We’ve all done it. We’re sitting on the plane waiting for everyone else to board and then you see them…a mom carrying a baby heading your way, looking in your direction. You try not to make eye contact as if that will decrease the chance of her having the seat next to you. You glance at the window and keep your fingers crossed. She passes you by; you give a big sigh of relief.

Ok, fast track 2 years and one incredible birth. Now YOU are THAT mother, you think to yourself. “How am I going to keep my baby from crying and stay sane at the same time?” The answer …try and keep your own cool. Here’s how:

  1. Take comfort in knowing that the engines are usually loud on a plane and some of that crying may be drowned out.
  2. Check the usual culprits. Is your baby wet, hungry, bored or possibly over stimulated.
  3. Maybe it’s too bright. Try pulling the window shade down so that baby is more comfortable.
  4. Ear pain on the plane and the associated crying is usually what gets the meanest of all looks. If your baby has a cold or ear infection, discuss with your pediatrician whether you should give him an infant pain reliever. Decongestants have not been proven to help, and in fact are not recommended for use in infants per the American Academy of Pediatrics. If possible, it may be best to postpone the trip.
  5. If your baby will tolerate it, the use of cotton balls or ear plugs may also help to decrease the decibel level of the cabin, making it easier for your little one to relax and rest.
  6. Suck, suck, suck. This is your best arsenal when it comes to relieving ear pressure. Bottle, breast or pacifier, take your choice. Make sure to use it during takeoff and INITIAL descent. Popping a pacifier in during landing is too late. You may want to accompany this with rubbing her ears and singing a soothing song.

Learn more about how to keep children safe when flying by visiting this new resource form the FAA.

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