Ahead of the Curve & More Peace of Mind For New Parents

The constant worry about our babies that begins during pregnancy —  and I’m told that never really ends — is something all parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles share.  To love a child means to worry about their health and well-being.. forever it seems!

Well, we have great news for all the families that live in south west Florida, and best of all, it’s FREE! Sarasota Memorial Hospital is the only hospital in the region that is currently doing a congenital heart defect screening on all newborns, before they are discharged home. Our team is working very closely with  Michelle Miller, MD, a pediatric cardiologist from All Children’s Hospital, in St. Petersburg.

When your baby is between 24 and 48 hours old, a pulse oximeter monitor is placed on 2 different limbs to measure the percentage of oxygen in the baby’s blood. This non-invasive, two-minute screening tool helps rule out seven major congenital heart defects, at no cost to the family.

Such an easy test, which provides peace of mind to parents and vital information to pediatricians, could soon be mandatory in Florida. Currently, three states have already made this screening tool mandatory and we expect Florida to follow. It’s programs like these that demonstrate Sarasota Memorial’s commitment to providing top-quality patient care. And that commitment is why SMH has been repeatedly named one of the best and safest hospitals in the nation!

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