August EXCEL Winner

Congratulations to Terri Levanti, Physician Relations & CME Specialist, Medical Staff Office for being our August EXCEL winner!

Terri has been an employed at SMH since January of 1998 and currently works as a Physician Relations and CME Specialist in the Medical Staff Office.

Team player, honest, great problem solver and has crisis management skills, adaptable, self-directed and works at maximum efficiency levels are just a few words used in Terri’s nominations to describe this “A” player.

Here are some other comments from her peers:

“Terri is so accommodating, so helpful and always flexible.  She is able to handle all aspects of her job and always with a smile and exceptional customer service skills.  She consistently meets the needs of the myriad of people she sees over the course of each day.”

“Terri is always multi-tasking, coordinating CME conferences along with physician orientations and always seems to balance everything out and get it done!  Terri’s attention to detail is extraordinary.”

“Terri has complete responsibility for the CME program, which has doubled in four years with no increase in budget.  She interacts with hundreds of visiting physicians/speakers, continuously dealing with challenging issues.  She has acquired the skills of a CME coordinator, and leads the CME committee in the details necessary for continued accreditation.  She does this while attending to significant other responsibilities for the Medical Staff Office. ”

“Terri is grace under pressure.  Her interactions with physicians require patience, sophistication and active problem solving.  She is competent and effective.”

“If you have ever had an opportunity to observe Terri while she is conducting a new physician tour, you would witness firsthand her outstanding communication skills.  Terri provides an incredible amount of information in a very professional manner, but at the same time is also warm and welcoming.”

“Terri is involved with the breast cancer support group, as she is a survivor herself.  She offers her experience to others to help them thorough their own events.”

To sum it all up, one physician wrote:

“Terri is always willing to go the extra mile to help us stay on the right CME track. She understands what we need. She helps out with community projects and rarely says no. She is a very involved mom in her Children’s school activities. She is a great employee and colleague AND she always has a smile on her face and in spite of all this has been married for 20 years!!”

Congratulations Terri – You are truly deserving of this EXCEL award!

The EXCEL Program was established in 1985 by former Hospital Board member Jim Tollerton to recognize outstanding employees. He continues to fund the program through the Sarasota Memorial Healthcare Foundation, Inc. 

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