Work-Life Balance… A Challenge

Do you remember as a child climbing aboard the teeter-totter in the playground? You and a friend sat at either end of the board finding the fine balance of the apparatus so that each of you could enjoy the fun in the up and down motion that was produced by that effort.

As an adult we may find that the teeter-totter is finding that balance between work and our personal/family lives. Sometimes the boundaries are blurred and the stress, worry, anxiety and even fear that are produced are terribly distressing. Our physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social and environmental selves struggle in the face of all the demands we often juggle.
The solutions are not easy and take work and focus. Change is challenging and yet the rewards can be profound. One very deliberate effort is prioritization, weighing what really matters, what you need to keep and what you can give back to the universe. Another is being aware that we have choices, we really do. They always have consequences and we may not always like them, but we can change our lives through the process of choice. And then there are boundaries. Where do you end and I begin? Can I let go of what I’ve tried to change about others and simply attend to my own behavioral changes. If I can be more flexible, let go of black and white thinking, communicate directly and change my expectations of others, my world begins to take on a different balance for better health.

Please let me know how your thoughts at See if you can imagine a symbol for your own balance.

Miriam Lacher is manager of the Bayside Center for Behavioral Health at Sarasota Memorial.

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