Monthly Archives: May 2014

A perfect parfait

tumblr_n5xo69ByAt1sxb8jgo1_1280 For a healthy, nutritious yet satisfying snack or lunch, it’s hard to beat low-fat Greek yogurt with chunks of fresh… more

Pitch perfect!

karenreynoldspitchSarasota Memorial Advanced Practice Nurse Karen Reynolds, DNP, CNS-BC, FGNLA, had the honor of throwing out the first pitch at… more

A key role in North Port

gwennpkey1North Port Mayor Jim Blucher, center, gives departing CEO Gwen MacKenzie a key to the city in appreciation of her… more

The best of the best!

Heike Bucken Heike Bucken Keeva Russell Keeva Russell Once a year, Sarasota Memorial selects a special employee and a manager from the health system’s… more