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Expanding Coverage Will Help Florida Get Healthier
09.23.2013 [SMH Extra]

An editorial in today’s Sarasota Herald-Tribune made the case for Medicaid expansion, saying it “would be good for Florida, good for citizens and good for employers” and “the humane and sensible choice.” Click here to read more about this critical issue.

Last week, Sarasota Memorial leaders joined other local organizations in asking members of Sarasota’s legislative delegation to accept federal coverage expansion funds. We noted that Florida is facing an important decision point that will impact everyone’s access to high quality, affordable care. The state has the opportunity to use over $50 billion in federal funds to extend health care coverage to 1 million people, giving them access to primary and preventative care that will help them avoid serious illnesses, get early treatments and stay productive. For our hospital, it means having more resources that benefit every patient. For our state, future costs will be offset by savings in the Medically Needy and other programs.

What can you do? Hundreds of businesses from around the state as well as chambers of commerce and individual residents have joined “A Healthy Florida Works,” a coalition supporting the extension of  health care coverage.  For more information or to join the coalition, click here.

Better Baby Sleep
09.23.2013 | New Moms & Dads

O.K… I’ll admit it, in my effort to get my baby to sleep later in the morning, I logically thought, put her to bed later the night before. Makes sense right…that’s what we adults do.  Not true! In the majority of cases, a baby’s biological clock is preset for an early bedtime. When parents adhere […]

Advanced Orthopedics Solutions for Painful Joints
09.19.2013 | SMH Extra

Do you suffer from chronic joint or cervical spine pain?  From Oct. 3 through Oct. 17, Sarasota Memorial is offering a free physician lecture series featuring top orthopedic specialists discussing the latest treatment options. The physicians will answer your questions following their presentations. Here’s the schedule of lectures. Learn what’s new and what works! To reserve […]

Tower opening was truly grand!
09.10.2013 | Campus Improvements

About 6,000 community members attended the grand opening of Sarasota Memorial’s new Courtyard Tower last Saturday. Guests toured our new Orthopedics, Cardiac, Neonatal Intensive Care, Labor & Delivery and Mother-Baby nursing floors, getting a first-hand look at spacious private rooms with all kinds of patient-centered, patient-safe amenities. The new tower replaces the oldest parts of […]

Medication and Breastfeeding – What’s safe?
09.10.2013 | New Moms & Dads

Many mothers are wrongly told to stop breastfeeding when they have to take medication, or told to stop a necessary medication if they want to continue breastfeeding, because of potential harmful effects on the baby. A clinical report was just released online this week, regarding the passing of medications through the breast milk to baby. […]

Sneak a peek at our new tower!
09.06.2013 | SMH Extra

Get a behind-the-scenes look at our 9-story new Courtyard Tower at the grand opening event from 9 am to 2 pm, Saturday, Sept. 7. There will be a short program at 10:30 am featuring the Sarasota Military Academy color guard, a student violinist performing the national anthem and a time capsule ceremony. Bring the whole family – There will be […]