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Babies 1st Halloween Bash
10.31.2012 [New Moms & Dads]

Breastfeeding Support Group in North Port dressed up their children for Halloween this week! The support group meets regularly at our Sarasota Memorial ER & Health Care Center in North Port. The support, sharing and true caring that moms can both give and receive from each other after delivery is immeasurable in its worth.  These moms and babies meet regularly at SMH North Port ER to share stories and support each other through early motherhood. For more information call 917-1700.

And the Award Goes to….
10.31.2012 | SMH Extra

Washington Hill, MD James Fox, MD Last week, Sarasota Memorial’s Medical Staff held its annual meeting and announced the winners of two prestigious awards: Washington C. Hill, MD, FACOG, of Maternal/Fetal Medicine won the 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award for his outstanding work over the past two decades to provide the highest quality of care to at-risk […]

Up, Up and Away!
10.26.2012 | New Moms & Dads

We’ve all done it. We’re sitting on the plane waiting for everyone else to board and then you see them…a mom carrying a baby heading your way, looking in your direction. You try not to make eye contact as if that will decrease the chance of her having the seat next to you. You glance […]

Time to celebrate FOOD!
10.23.2012 | SMH Extra

Looking for an excuse to celebrate food and good eating? Oct. 24 is Food Day, a nationwide celebration and a movement for healthy, affordable and sustainable food. What are five things you can do to recognize Food Day? 1. Visit your local farmers market and pick up some locally grown produce! 2. If you’re at […]

PTSD: What Is It?
10.22.2012 | Wellness

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition that’s triggered by a terrifying event. We hear a lot about PTSD as related to war, and yet things like natural disasters, car or plane crashes, the death of a loved one, terrorist attacks and sexual or physical abuse fall into this category. There are a […]

Shine a Light
10.18.2012 | Campus Improvements

This week crews installed the Sarasota Memorial Hospital sign on the north elevation of the Courtyard Tower.  At night the sign will be illuminated, creating an impressive new landmark for the Sarasota community.

Healthy Kids Foods…?
10.18.2012 | New Moms & Dads

Nutrition is so important to our health. Unfortunately, nutrition isn’t always on the top of everyone’s agenda. As a mom, getting healthy, nutritious, REAL foods into my kids has always been a major priority, right from day 1. First – Read Labels! Second – Avoid high sodium foods. The high salt content in many children’s […]

Signs of the Times
10.09.2012 | Campus Improvements

During the first year or so it was easy to watch the progress of Sarasota Memorial’s new Courtyard Tower because the work was highly visible.  Now that the majority of the exterior structure is completed most of the activity, such as the installation of the interior signs above, is hidden from view.  Work continues at […]

The Pacifier – To Binky or not to Binky, that is the Question!
10.09.2012 | New Moms & Dads

The first night home from the hospital with our first baby was just the beginning of the sleeplessness that was to come. Our precious baby woke up every 15 minutes for hours on end… I was fortunate to ‘know’ that cluster feeding during the night is common and normal for a breastfed newborn but it […]

Top Projects – Courtyard Tower
10.01.2012 | Campus Improvements

Years of planning and construction will come to fruition in 2013, with the opening of Sarasota Memorial’s much-anticipated new Courtyard Tower. The cornerstone of a $250 million transformation now under way at the public hospital’s main campus, the nine-story patient tower will replace the oldest wings of the hospital, adding more private rooms, a beautiful courtyard and state-of-the […]