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A Different View
08.29.2012 [Campus Improvements]

The photo above provides an interesting view of the west “face” of the new Courtyard Tower, currently under construction.  The new patient care tower is on the left and the Waldemere Tower on the right.  When completed in 2013, the Courtyard Tower will connect with existing hospital wings, making it easier for patients, visitors and staff to make their way throughout the campus. Keep up with our campus improvements blog!

Clean Hands – Healthy Kids and Happy Moms
08.27.2012 | New Moms & Dads

As I dropped each child off for the first day of school, I called after them with a supportive, “I love you, have a great day!” Then unable to control it… a shrieking, “WASH YOUR HANDS – A LOT!” The 1st day of school is also the 1st day our little ones get exposed to […]

Win the Lunchbox Wars with These 4 Tips
08.22.2012 | Wellness

Kids are back at school, and if you’re a parent, you may be on the front lines of the lunchbox wars that often ensue. Packing your child’s lunch is a great way to help encourage healthy eating, but if you find the lunch is left uneaten… (or traded for another “less healthy” lunch)… then your […]

Eating for Two
08.21.2012 | New Moms & Dads

What is a healthy weight gain when pregnant? Some of us can’t keep anything down, and some of us only feel good during and just after eating. Often women are thrilled to stop counting calories and eat whatever their hearts (or the baby) desires! But, an appropriate weight gain is important to your pregnancy, your […]

Take a Tour!
08.21.2012 | Campus Improvements

We invite you to take a virtual tour of the first floor of Sarasota Memorial’s new Courtyard Tower, scheduled to open in 2013. During the tour, you will see the new main entrance, which is designed to help patients get to the care they need quickly and efficiently. The tour also includes a visit to […]

Hospital a Star Performer
08.14.2012 | SMH Extra

Sarasota Memorial’s efforts to reduce its impact on the environment have received national recognition, with the hospital recently earning the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) ENERGY STAR certification. The EPA gives the designation to organizations that perform in the to 25 percent of similar facilities nationwide for energy efficiency and meet strict energy efficiency performance […]

“Once a C-section, Always a C-section?”
08.14.2012 | New Moms & Dads

One of our nurses was asked by a patient a question about c-sections and we wanted to address this topic on our blog: “My last delivery resulted in a C-section… I’ve heard the phrase,“Once a section always a section,” is that true?”  Not necessarily!  Woman often have choices for their next delivery: a repeat C-section or a […]

Successful Completion
08.13.2012 | Campus Improvements

For the past six months, the exterior of Sarasota Memorial’s Medical Arts building on Arlington Street has undergone a complete “facelift,” including landscaping.   The former brick exterior was removed and replaced with a contemporary white façade that blends with the other campus buildings.  The first floor lobby has been extended to the south side of […]

Watch Us Grow!
08.06.2012 | Campus Improvements

We invite you to take a moment and watch a time lapse view of the project from the ground up, thanks to our live construction cam that’s been tracking progress for the past 20 months. For more updates, visit:

Campers Get Hands-On Experience in Health Care
08.03.2012 | SMH Extra

Campers from the Laurel Civic Association’s Health Careers Camp recently visited Sarasota Memorial’s high-tech, high-touch Center for Advanced Surgery to learn about the hospital’s patient safety simulators. Simulation Program Coordinator Jennifer Sweeney, MSN, RN, CEN, provided a true “hands-on” experience for the students, who practiced CPR on adult and infant simulators. Jennifer also gave the […]