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Baby Dental Care
07.27.2012 [New Moms & Dads]

The #1 dental issue in young children is tooth decay. Tooth decay is the breakdown of the tooth’s protective coating called enamel, when germs in the mouth mix with sugar from food and drinks. The germs make an acid that breaks down the enamel and eventually makes a hole in the tooth. This is the dreaded cavity! The good news is it is preventable!

Good oral hygiene begins before the first tooth has cut through.

  • Start by wiping baby’s gums with a clean wet wash cloth after feedings.
  • Once a tooth has broken through gently brush the tooth with a soft bristled toothbrush.
  • Keep your well doctor appointments so your pediatrician can check baby’s mouth. If your child is at high risk for tooth decay, he/she will refer you to a pediatric dentist.
  • Around 1 year old start brushing baby’s teeth twice a day, usually after breakfast and before bed. Most experts recommend fluoride free toothpaste; discuss your options with your dentist or pediatrician.
  • Limit juice to only 1 cup/daily with meals.
  • Offer healthy snacks like fruits and vegetables, careful to avoid choking hazards, cutting up snacks and offering softer items. Avoid sticky or sugary snacks like candy, cookies and artificially flavored fruit snacks. Keep in mind that many crackers contain sugar and need to be offered with meals.
  • If you put your child to bed with a bottle or Sippy cup, fill it with only water.
  • If your child is thirsty offer water or milk, but if he/she drinks milk before going to sleep, brush their teeth first.
  • Schedule an appointment with a pediatric dentist by 2 years old, and discuss switching to fluoride toothpastes and annual checkups.

If your child doesn’t like the teeth cleaning routine, as many go back and forth from willing participant to disgruntled, turn it into a game. Let baby brush your teeth with your tooth brush as you brush his with his. Then switch and let him brush his own teeth and you brush your own. Or tell him/her to open wide while you look for food germs to clean and then let them look and clean!


Source: First Steps to a Healthy Smile (Copyright © 2008 American Academy of Pediatrics)


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