Monthly Archives: July 2012

Baby Dental Care

The #1 dental issue in young children is tooth decay. Tooth decay is the breakdown of the tooth’s protective coating… more

EXCEL Winner is a Breath of Fresh Air

54!! That’s right, 54! Count them! 54 is the number of signatures provided by physicians, managers and co-workers from all… more

Soothing Water Sculpture

This week, water began to flow through the new sculptural fountains located in the courtyard of Sarasota Memorial’s patient care… more

Work-Life Balance… A Challenge

Do you remember as a child climbing aboard the teeter-totter in the playground? You and a friend sat at either… more

Hard Day’s Work

CourtyardTower7-12-12 008 CourtyardTower7-12-12 005 CourtyardTower7-12-12 010 CourtyardTower7-12-12 040 CourtyardTower7-12-12 013 CourtyardTower7-12-12 018 CourtyardTower7-12-12 026 CourtyardTower7-12-12 034 CourtyardTower7-12-12 036 Crews are working hard both inside and outside the new Courtyard Tower as shown in the photos, including exterior window… more