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Staff Perspectives
04.30.2012 [Campus Improvements]

With the opening of the nine-story Courtyard Tower a little more than a year away, we thought it would be interesting to hear what hospital staff have to say about the new building.  This post features Chaplain John Gerhardt as he shares his thoughts about the non-denominational chapel that will be located on the first floor of the new patient care tower.


Some Breastfeeding Myths
04.27.2012 | New Moms & Dads

1. Many women do not produce enough milk. Not true! The vast majority of women produce more than enough milk. Indeed, an overabundance of milk is common. Most babies that gain too slowly, or lose weight, do so not because the mother does not have enough milk, but because the baby does not get the […]

Sarasota Memorial Weight-Loss Success Story Makes Headlines
04.19.2012 | Wellness

There’s no “one-size-fits-all” solution to weight loss. Different things work for different people, but when you find a healthy program that leads to success, stick with it. That’s what Stacey Lukkarila did. Stacey, a hospitality liaison for Sarasota Memorial’s Diabetes Treatment Services, lost more than a hundred pounds over the past year and a half. […]

Pediatric Toy Drive by FSU Med Students
04.18.2012 | SMH Extra

In association with the Sarasota Memorial Hospital Pediatrics Unit and the support of the Sarasota Memorial Healthcare Foundation and the Southside Village Business Association, the medical students of Florida State University will be holding a toy drive to benefit the pediatrics inpatient unit at Sarasota Memorial. During the summer, SMH’s pediatric unit often finds itself […]

Here Comes the Sun
04.17.2012 | Campus Improvements

After several years of planning and research, Sarasota Memorial is excited to be in the final stages of installing 40 solar panels on the roof of the Waldemere Tower.  The panels will produce an average of 1,000,000 BTUs of heated water per day which will be used to supplement the hospital’s air conditioning and heating […]

The Scoop on Poop
04.16.2012 | New Moms & Dads

The first bowel movements your newborn will have are thick, greenish black and very sticky, this is called meconium. Once this is passed, transition stools begin which look brown to greenish yellow. There are many variations in color and consistency from day to day and from baby to baby, and usually these changes are completely […]

Service Spotlight: Women’s & Children’s – Labor & Childbirth Education
04.12.2012 | New Moms & Dads

Hello readers! My name is Megan and I’ll be taking you on a virtual tour of Sarasota Memorial and discovering all of the fascinating treatments and services the hospital offers. Today, I sat down with Mary O’Connor, childbirth education manager and lactation consultant in our Women’s & Children’s department, to discuss the the labor and […]

Things You Can Do to Protect the Ones You Love from Poisoning
04.05.2012 | New Moms & Dads

Everyday items in your home, such as household cleaners and medicines, can be poisonous to children as well. Active, curious children will often investigate—and sometimes try to eat or drink—anything that’s left out and within their reach. Know the number. Put the nationwide poison control center phone number, 1-800-222-1222, on or near every telephone in […]

The Power of Resiliency
04.04.2012 | Wellness

So what is resiliency? It is a dynamic process whereby individuals exhibit positive behavioral adaptation when they encounter significant adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats or even significant sources of stress. Dean Becker, president and CEO of Adaptiv Learning Systems says, “more than education, more than experience, more than training, a person’s level of resilience will determine […]

Air Time
04.02.2012 | Campus Improvements

Construction of the new nine-story Courtyard Tower continues to move forward on schedule. A major construction milestone, “Air On,” will occur in early April. From this point on, it’s important to have air conditioning (“Air On”) in the facility through the completion of the project in 2013 so the installation of flooring, finishing and other […]