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Trick or Treat!
10.31.2011 [SMH Extra]

Happy Halloween from Sarasota Memorial!

Check out some of our Halloween albums on Flickr & Facebook  – fantastic costumes this year!





Confined Spaces
10.26.2011 | Campus Improvements

As a part of Global Safety Week (Oct. 16 – 23), Sarasota Memorial Hospital’s Department of Public Safety, Skanska USA (general contractor for the Courtyard Tower) and the Sarasota County Fire Department teamed up to conduct a “confined space” rescue drill.  The goal of the drill, conducted on the construction site of Sarasota Memorial’s new […]

Has your child’s car seat been installed properly?
10.25.2011 | New Moms & Dads

Sarasota Memorial Hospital now has a car seat check program! Private, one-on-one sessions with a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician • Each session is 30 minutes, hands-on instruction in YOUR car • Held once a month on a Saturday • Please call 917-1700 for details and to make your reservation. Or, you can sign-up online […]

Nutrition Series: Sugar Shock – Know Your Limits!
10.25.2011 | Wellness

Nutrition Series: +Shock – Know Your Limits! Julie Bender-Sibbio, Sarasota Memorial’s Registered Dietitian, talks to you about avoiding sugar shock. The average American person consumes 88 grams or 25-30 tsp of added sugar per day, which amounts to 350 – 475 extra calories per day. Here are great ways to avoid sugar shock: 1. Cut […]

Sarasota Memorial’s Breast Health Services Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month!
10.17.2011 | Wellness

What a busy month jam packed with breast health activities! There is so much to choose from; everything from education to fundraising events (Pink Martini’s Pink Bras and even Pink Firetrucks!) The month will culminate with joyous celebrations like the Susan G.Komen 3 Day Walk in Tampa and our local American Cancer Society’s Making Strides […]

New Stormwater Vault in Project Pipeline
10.14.2011 | Campus Improvements

When finished, the stormwater vault pictured above in front of the new Courtyard Tower will be able to manage 212,000 gallons of excess stormwater runoff. This week, crews completed the first “pour” of 100 yards of concrete for the project.

Is Your Home Safe from Poisons? What about Grandma’s?
10.13.2011 | New Moms & Dads

Is Your Home Safe from Poisons? What about Grandma’s? • Keep medicines and household products locked up and out of your child’s sight and reach. • Use safety latches or locks on drawers and cabinets where you keep dangerous items. • Call medicine by its correct name. Never call medicine candy. • Always replace the […]

The Four ‘P’ Principles to Help You Meet Your Weight Loss Goals
10.12.2011 | Wellness

Want a positive approach to weight loss? Learn the “Four ‘P’ Principles” for success – Registered Licensed Dietition Julie Bender-Sibbio will guide you through in this video:

Promoting Employee Wellness
10.05.2011 | Wellness

Sarasota Memorial’s new employee gym, Health Tracks, opened Monday, October 3 to nearly 340 staff members who are the charter members of the new gym. It’s on-site at the hospital with 24/7 badge access (perfect for the night owls!), loads of equipment and showers for men & women. Check out some of the pics I […]