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Road to the Future
07.28.2010 [Campus Improvements]

Construction Scene

The new Loop Road and entry vestibule for the Emergency Care Center are scheduled for completion the week of Sept. 20, allowing easier access to the ECC and additional parking for patients. Once the Loop Road is open, foundation work for the new Courtyard Tower will begin, along with the demolition of the Northeast Tower.

Making an Entrance……
07.22.2010 | Campus Improvements

Construction of the temporary main entrance and patient drop off area by the Waldemere Garage is well under way. The new entrance is scheduled to open in September, while the current entry will close to make way for construction of the new Courtyard Tower.

Critical Care Expansion Moves Forward “In the Midnight Hour”
07.14.2010 | Campus Improvements

Beginning at midnight on July 13, 95 cubic yards of concrete were poured on the new 5th floor addition of the Critical Care Center. The floor will house the mechanical space for new operating rooms and a new hemodialysis unit – all part of the two-story expansion project on the south side of the campus.

Meet Our Bike Patrol!
07.09.2010 | Campus Improvements

Sarasota Memorial’s Public Safety Department has created a patrol team, but its officers aren’t armed with the tools you’d typically expect to see from officers on the beat. What visitors to the hospital can expect to see are Officers Tom Franco, Derrick Brown and Jeffery Peters patrolling the area…on bikes. Priding themselves on being friendly […]